Dust Mite Bites Rash

Is something that’s not fun when you wake up in the morning to find rashes and red color on your skin. Not only the color red and rashes but also found by you such as bumps, of course, you get a little bit of panic or stress. Unlikely, the rash there is on the spot seen by others certainly interfere with your appearance that is often outside activities.

Your thoughts once you find the rash may think that caused bites from dust mite as usual done by mosquito or bed bugs. Basically, you need to know that dust mites do not bite but rather is just to give you an allergy that is marked as has already explained in other articles.

Dust mites are very small-sized produce small pieces of proteins and then without deliberately inhaled by you and then marked with the allergic rash as a form of dermatitis. To chew or bite is difficult work for this mites because they do not have teeth as other insects.

You really can’t see them because of their very small size much less protein in their bodies that are excreted in the form of impurities. Allergic reaction experienced by many people indicated as the number one source because of the protein from the mites. The rest of their dirt eventually fused with the dust that is in the House.

Dust Mite Bites Rash

As a result when you experience inflammation is due to dust is inhaled by the body then give your response. A variety of symptoms can be caused by inflammation may occur one is rash. To do this prevention efforts then you should stop breathing protein of dust mite it means you have to make an effort so that the mite control.

The dark, warm, and humid places take a look here are dust mites like to live let alone discovered the amount of food in large quantities. The first place that became their favorite living is your bed. Why? Because it is a place that is warm and will find food in large quantities every night while you’re resting.

While you sleep especially in the lowland areas that appropriate hot then your body will support the warmth and moisture. In addition, there is another support for them not only from your own. Namely, bed linen and blankets are in fact is always warm and dark. It is also said by people in the daytime also can be found these mites.

All you have to do as a preventive effort is to cut off their food supply. The food supply is the rest of the skin cells of the humans and your pets. How to do is begin cleaning your bed linen, pillowcases, carpets, sofas, and bedding at least one week one time. In the Add humidifier to set the humidity, you can get from the seller.

Dust mite bites rash will be very small to come back to you when applying various attempts as described above. If you want to make more effort so that give good result is better to use hot water with heat reaches 140 ° f. The hot water can be sprayed or lay in a bathtub and then input your bed linen, pillow sack up to several minutes but must remember please keep away from the children.

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