Dust Mite Bites Home Remedy

The discomfort caused by dust mites allergies such as itching, red rash, red spots have been posted on what do dust mite bites look like are certainly very disturbing, especially at night when want to go to sleep. Your sleep will be disturbed that makes you the next day often drowsiness but have to do the job or business as usual.

Mites live by eating the food that comes from the inactive skin cells of humans and dandruff. Places like a warm couch, mattress, bed linens, and carpets are large enough of dust mite believed by many people. The presence of them in small amounts is no problem but how in large quantities would certainly be a problem.

Some people say this and still need a further discussion that oil glands and hair follicles or some other skin area are where they used to keep silent. Itchy rash and red spots due to allergies from mites. There are some of them and usually they give allergic to you.

The frequently found are the type of mange mites, dust mites, eyelash mites, and chiggers. For the allergy treatment of this animal, You can do two basic cares namely by going to the doctor and then ask for given the recipe and the second by doing dust mite bites home remedy below.

Dust Mite Bites Home Remedy

Keep The Temperature Not Moist

Keep the room temperature in moist is the first way that can be done. The temperature humidity more from 50% is the situation that supports for dust mites to thrive. To reduce humidity levels there is a nice way you can do with applying a humidifier. In addition to reducing advances mites also make your health be better.

Hot Water For Wash Furniture

The types of furniture were made the mites to grow you need to not only wash in cold water so that maximum results use hot water with temperatures reaching 130-140 degrees. Do washing on a regular basis at least once a week is a must. The furnishings such as bed linen, linen pillows, bed nets, sofas, and carpets.

Clean Using A Wet Cloth

To wash with hot water we can do once a week but sometimes the dust piling up faster then we can reduce by purging using a wet cloth. Why not why should cloth with the wet cloth. Because wet cloth dust can absorb without creating dust soft sand. Soft sand dust contributing to spreading the mites to other places.

Freeze Your Child’s Doll

Some objects such as dolls made from ingredients that are not easily washed let alone in large sizes are certainly at risk make your washing machine is broken when forced. You can freeze it by using the freezer machine. The freezer can help eliminate the mites even though this doesn’t reduce the impact of the allergy but slightly reduces.

Reduce The Use Of Objects

Reduce the use of objects in your home potentially fishing mites come in is another way that you can try too. They like frame photo, collision books, a pile of paper, ornamental flowers, mattresses, carpets, curtains and other places. Can add essential oils as an additional way because it also effectively gives the odor that is not preferred by them.

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