Do Dust Mite Bites

Have you ever seen someone has skin problems related to hives which caused the allergy but he thought that it was because of the mites bite at night? Or have you ever read an article from the forum when he itches and then apply a treatment for bites for a few days but not suitable the itch spread more severe?

Questions above to affirm that they don’t bite you, this associated do dust mite bites that became staples of the discussion this time. They don’t do at all what thought people on them. They have no teeth, lips, mouth or tongue but just like opening a spoon as a way to be able to secrete digestive enzymes to break down and digest their food.

The food digested by them is the inactive cell from your skin, in addition, they also like to eat dandruff. When viewed from the other side what done by the mites help us dump the inactive cells of our skin. However, giving a hurt impact and for certain cases for having allergies will be worse.

Including insects of Arachnid which is not able to see with the naked eye unless you have a microscope. Location with a temperature of 21° C up as pillows, mattresses, carpet, and clothing are the places they live and develop themselves. For it is these places why should frequently clean on appeal other places in your home


Do Dust Mite Bites

Has body size only about 1/100 inches, there is body part similar enzymes and in it contains a protein could allergy. The allergy can give not same reactions for everyone, people have a serious problem with their breathing will relapse by the allergy while other people not serious.

Some react like redness, itching, eczema for this problem though not heavily impact for the health of the organs need the serious cure. Ignorance between allergy mite or only insect bites will make a confusing because of the itch like same. Insect bites and allergy mites are marked with bumps and difficult to differ is reasonable.

Besides mites, there are other animals that are on your bed i.e. bed bugs. In the evening is a time where they bite you and with symptoms that are not the same. They really eat the blood if in your bed found them. There are small bumps that have effect often itch commonly leave small spots of blood on a paper and this isn’t done by dust the mites.

How to treat dust mite bites you could take the time few hours to come to a skin specialist or a doctor to test your blood, you have mite allergies or not also. Talk to the doctor about what care you have already done at home, it delivers the right diagnosis including antihistamines. Stop using them when doing a testing so not disturbed.

Testing will be wasted and just a waste your time and energy if you forget about other things. The other thing is the precautions while making go away from where they live. Change bed linens, pillowcases, clean carpet, wash your bedding, use a vacuum cleaner and make sure don’t let the air humid and hot could open window when waking up.

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