Can Dust Mites Bite

You are most likely wondering when getting out of bed then find the Red bumps and skin itching. Mites may make your skin feel itchy, but can dust mites bite or make you sick? They do not bite humans at all. With a very small body size is so difficult for them to do what you think before.

However, they with time not so long could make bumps or reddish on the skin much less exposed on your face surely will annoy. Why so because the skin on the face is thin and elastic, it is different compared with other parts of your body such as the back.

They do not cause bites but scavenger that eat inactive skin cells leftover with small amounts to help remove part of your body is not functioning. Said before that they do not have the head, mouth or teeth. They can’t afford to bite let alone parts of your body that are alive because do have the power and very difficult for them to desist.

According to specialists they only have what is named as gnathosoma has functions piercing, cutting and holding before they eat them. Also called stomach as they have with us, and from the digestive side is still a question mark. Red lumps and itching from enzymes in the form of the protein that is issued by the mites to break up break up particles.

Can Dust Mite Bites

Allergy according to one of the sources said the body passed this protein because as a substance that does not harm. The proteins are then inhaled by you and soon your immune system responds by producing histamine which is known as the antiinflammation caused the allergic reaction.

A dirty mattress, linen pillows that are rarely replaced, carpets that are rarely cleaned and the shabby sofa are the places that already can be predicted there are many them. Often what befalls in the lives of related health issues we have a role in giving a donation, do dust mite bites? (allergy) depend on our daily habits.

Based on a little research that we do some people think that the favorite places of mites not just that things as we’ve conveyed above. But there is another place as a source of the arrival of the mites namely through clothing. Not known for certain clothing like what the source of the mites.

Source of mites generally is a place that is warm and moist location and most often these are mattresses, pillows, sofa also the carpet. If the meaning is dirty clothes full of dusty and rarely used is correct. However, if that is often used every day by us is not yet found information that can be a reference.

To look them is not easy because is very small-sized animals one category with insects Arachnids. Need a special microscope to be able to see them about the size, color, type, and images. About their photos or dust mite bites pictures humans also has been posted as additional for you.  Please help me to share this artikel.

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