What Is Dust Mite Bites

Dust mite bites according to many of the people out there is really bite, whereas the fact is not such as the thought of them. The opinion like this is reasonable because not yet understand. The right information is an allergic reaction to the body of dust mites. This reaction occurred in the stomach of mites take out the enzymes directly contact with your skin.

Inactive skin cell and dandruff are the main foods preferred by dust mites and associated with the enzymes above useful expenditures to process their food. So they’re not the kinds of insects that suck blood. But, the fact on the ground instead people complain because there are red bumps like a bitting of a mosquito when waking up from taking a break.

The symptoms that appear are not the same generally classed be two things namely mild and heavy case. For mild cases are Red bumps, itching, sneezing, runny nose and for severe cases are asthma, difficulty breathing, cough, itchy eyes red and watery, wheezing, itching in the mouth. Long and not depend on the durability of the body of the sufferer and appropriate treatment.

The insects include the family of Arachnida that has striated cuticle with a very nifty little body size. To see them you need a microscope cannot with the naked eye. According to Wikipedia the size of about 0.2-0.3 millimeters (0.008 -0,012 in) in length. For the accuracy of the identification process in an effort to research in need as much as 10 times magnification.

Dust Mite Bites

A source mentioned that mites are composed of more or less around 46,000 types and very few of them want to bite. They are mite scabies, dust mites, chiggers and eyelash mites. When this article is published publicly unknown exactly aside from the 4 kinds of this let alone up to 46,000, but the important points in the article are enshrined as your references.

They naturally live with temperature about 70 ° F or 21° C and multiply in the lowlands especially in dusty places, warm and damp namely mattresses, bed linen, pillow cloth fabrics, sofas, curtains, and dirty carpet are the places preferred by them.

The dust mite commonly as the most contributor to the allergy to the human and also your pets such as cats and dogs. But, you have to know that bites of bed bugs and mosquitoes can be almost similar to mites. Therefore, it is very important and there is no harm in you find out about do dust mite bites which can be found on this website.

To reduce dust mites routinely to clean with a minimum of 1 week 1 times such as bed linen, pillows, rugs, fabrics, and curtains, for maximum result recommended with hot water. Keep the air not moist and dry recommended using a humidifier. The Humidifier can also alleviate dry skin, dry nose, throat irritation, dry coughs, sinus congestion, nose bleeds, and cracked lips.

Some people who are allergic to dust mites bite that is more than 5 days as soon as to consult to a doctor. Doctors generally will give corticosteroids and antihistamines. Since the first day of allergy before going to doctors could try doing home remedies including use of lavender, mint, herbal spray, eucalyptus oil, rosemary and these ways related how to treat dust mite bites.

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